Ozobot's Classroom Communicator

We recently announced Ozobot Classroom, our new STEAM learning management system.
It’s pretty exciting! So exciting that we want to give you access for FREE.

To get access, you’ll need a license code and an Ozobot Classroom Communicator (patent pending), which plugs into your computer and connects to up to 18 Evos at a time.
(Shipping late February 2020)
Plug it in!
The Ozobot Classroom Communicator (patent pending) plugs into your computer to connect to up to 18 Evos at once!

That means easier-than-ever updates and real-time information about student progress and engagement.
Get started now.
Your Communicator comes with a license code for Ozobot Classroom, our new STEAM learning management system.

Prep by creating your Ozobot Classroom account. Complete Bot Camp teacher training, browse and save K-12 lessons, and more!
Enter your shipping information below and your Ozobot Classroom Communicator ($200 Value!) along with your license code will be shipped to you for FREE!
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Available only to US Customers.